[Mailman-Users] Sort Member List

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Sep 16 03:55:39 CEST 2012

Tom Browder wrote:

>I notice the member list is sorted by email addresses.  Is there any
>way to sort it on the display name?

Of the four membership lists, the results of the email who command are
separated into non-digest members and digest members but are otherwise
unsorted while the web admin membership list, the web roster and the
results of the bin/list_members command are all sorted by email
address. In addition, the web roster is split into non-digest and
digest members.

It is not possible to get any of these lists sorted by display name
directly from Mailman. Part of the problem are display names can be
empty and even if not, are free form so how do you parse them for a
sort key when some are first name first, some are last name first and
some are title first.

Of course you can always take the list from mailman and sort it
yourself as for example

  bin/list_members --fullnames LISTNAME | sort

>if not, will that be possible with Mailman 3?

Possible, yes with your own process that gets the list from the core
and sorts it. I don't know if there is core functionality to get a
list sorted by display name or if Postorious will provide a list
sorted by display name.

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