[Mailman-Users] Hangs when trying to start mailman as root

Lummoxx lummoxx at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 03:00:54 CEST 2012

Regardless of method, "service mailman start", "./mailmanctl -s start",
when I try to start mailman as root, it hangs.

I modified the mailman user from the default of /sbin/nologin, to
/bin/bash, so I could log in as mailman.  When I'm logged in as mailman, it
starts successfully.

I did quite a bit of troubleshooting, but didn't make any progress until I
inserted some debug lines into mailmanctl to figure out at what point it
was hanging.

This is the results:

openge entered check_privs
openge gid is:
openge uid is:
openge myuid is:
openge check_privs - entered myuid == 0
...hangs on the line
groups = [x[2] for x in grp.getgrall() if mm_cfg.MAILMAN_USER in x[3]]

To see all my debug lines, and a lot more information I compiled while
testing, please see this pastebin link:

Any assistance greatly appreciated.


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