[Mailman-Users] Question regarding SPAM

Futchko, Rose Rose.Futchko at INFORMS.ORG
Fri Sep 28 16:22:15 CEST 2012

Sapiro, Mark wrote:

>Marked by what?

In the message sent by Mailman, the Subject line contained [SPAM] from our spam manager, i.e. = Subject: [SPAM] United Postal Service Tracking Number H8260315491

>You could use the list's Privacy options... -> Spam filters ->
>header_filter_rules to hold or discard such messages. It is not a good
>idea to reject them as the sender is likely spoofed so the rejection
>is just backscatter.

I will configure this as mentioned.

>Then how did the post reach the list? What is the list's Privacy
>options... -> Sender filters -> generic_nonmember_action setting?


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