[Mailman-Users] Mailman and Postfix-style Virtual Domains (not a problem, only a question!)

Norbert Aschendorff norbert.aschendorff at yahoo.de
Sun Sep 30 15:53:02 CEST 2012

Hey list,

I'm maintaining a server with Postfix and Mailman including
Postfix-style virtual domains. This works fine so far.
But is it normal that the creation of a list for a virtual subdomain
($prefix/bin/newlist -e subdomain listname) not only creates entries in
$prefix/data/virtual-mailman, but also in the aliases file for the
"main" domain ($prefix/data/aliases)? I didn't find anything on the web,
there are only issues related to non-found hash DBs or missing virtual
domains etc.

But in mailman-install.pdf which I used for the installation, there's
the following sentence: "Mailman’s support of virtual domains is limited
in that list names must be globally unique within a single Mailman
instance, i.e., two lists may not have the same name even if they are in
different domains."

Is that related? Or am I doing something wrong?


P.S.: I'm rather new to Mailman, but I think that I've understood it

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