[Mailman-Users] Subscription Requests -- three questions

Dean Suhr deansuhr at deansuhr.us
Wed Apr 3 17:30:13 CEST 2013


A couple of quick questions about Subscription Request on the List Admin page:
1) Is there a way to sort the Subscription Requests from newest to oldest?  We approve each request and sometimes  we have quite a few pending as we reach out to folks for clarification as to their eligibility to join closed lists.  It would be good to see new requests at the top.

2) Can the date of an Admin Request become part of the display?  Again, I am happy to modify a file in my install if you can point me to the correct one.  What is the field name for the date of a request?

3) I would like to trim the text in the "name" filed to display only the first 50 characters or so.  Is there a file I can modify to make this happen?  We use the Name field for the subscriber to share a brief introduction and when the field is wide the admin displays scroll off the right side of screen (too wide).

Maybe these can become feature requests as well.

Thanks for your help,


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