[Mailman-Users] accept not accepeted

Richard Damon Richard at Damon-Family.org
Thu Apr 4 14:50:22 CEST 2013

On 4/4/13 1:42 AM, jdd wrote:
> Le 04/04/2013 03:58, Richard Damon a écrit :
>> It looks like this message was sent to the list via the email address
>> all-april@ (which looks like a local address, since it doesn't have a
>> domain),
> as I said, I removed the domain part (on my report) to prevent spam

Missed that note, the normal procedure isn't to just delete the
information but to replace it with a placeholder, the domain example.com
being a good one.
> this is generally not a good idea for a message that is going
>> to be distributed in the wild, as it will not be a valid email address
>> for people to reply to. If you want to all that anyway, you need to add
>> this address as a list alias.
> list alias? aceptable aliases, I guess? I will do this according to
> what marc said.
Yes, acceptable list aliases, as entered in

Privacy Options / Recipient Filters / Alias names (regexps) which
qualify as explicit to or cc destination names for this list.

This is designed to handle cases where the list has alternate names that
people can use to submit mail to it. Some entry in this list MUST be
found in either the To or CC fields of the message, or the Blind Carbon
Copy filter will be triggered.

> I don't knox how to test :-(, I have to wait to next post (mponthly :-()
> thanks
> jdd

Richard Damon

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