[Mailman-Users] Managing junk subscription requests?

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Sat Apr 6 23:52:28 CEST 2013

Thanks as always, Mark.
I will take a look at "confirm and approve."
800 is not big but this has historically been a ver active list, with
posts sometimes reaching 80 a day.
On that note, L-soft has two things I really really like:
1) Ability to set a max daily posting limit for individual
2) Ability to set a max daily limit for the list.
In times of explosive or contentuous discussion these have proven to be
Any parallels in mailman?


On Sat, Apr 6, 2013, at 02:23 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> hk wrote:
> >I'm getting ready to move a large (800+ member) unmoderated list that's 
> >existed on L-soft to a mailman list.
> 800 is not very big as Mailman lists go.
> >Never had to deal with "junk" subscriptions before with this list.
> >Any suggestions on how to not have to deal with them in Mailman?
> >Below is a message from this morning from another list I've managed....
> [...]
> >Pending subscriptions:
> >
> >     vznend at rvkmvs.com (zkcpikpv) Wed Apr  3 13:55:05 2013
> >     jmbzdp at mkpqwt.com (lyiawz) Wed Apr  3 16:00:36 2013
> [...]
> I'm guessing that this list's Privacy options... -> Subscription rules
> -> subscribe_policy is Require approval. If so, and if you set it to
> Confirm and approve, it will probably stop most of this.
> Confirm and approve means that first the subscriber must respond to a
> confirmation email before the request goes to an admin for approval.
> While this does introduce potential backscatter, I suspect those
> addresses aren't deliverable anyway. If so, the confirmation requests
> will just expire without your ever being aware of them.
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