[Mailman-Users] ANN: wiki.list.org migrations

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Fri Aug 23 15:56:58 CEST 2013

Hello everyone,

I want to mention a few things related to wiki.list.org.

First and most immediately, our currently wiki hosting provider Contegix, is
in the process of a major infrastructure update which will cause some downtime
for wiki.list.org.  Contegix has been hosting our wiki gratis for several
years, for which we are very grateful.  Their support over the years has been

Unfortunately, the infrastructure our wiki is hosted on is quite legacy, and
in fact, we are the last organization to be hosted on it.  The time has come
to for them to retire it, but they have again graciously offered to continue
hosting our wiki gratis on their new infrastructure.  The migration process is
tricky, since we have to coordinate with Contegix's timing and our DNS changes
with John Viega (Mailman's original author and owner of the list.org domain).
Please be aware that the wiki may experience some downtime as both DNS and the
instance get shuffled around.

As some of you know, Paul Boddie has been working diligently on migrating our
current Atlassian Confluence wiki to Moin.  While Confluence has served us
well over the years, we recognize that it is inappropriate for a GNU project
such as Mailman to utilize a non-free wiki.  Moin is our current choice for a
free software wiki hosting platform, and Paul has done an amazing job on the
migration, as anyone who reads mailman-developers can see.  That work is
close, but not quite ready for production.  Stay tuned for more announcements
on that front, or join mailman-developers for more information, or if you'd
like to pitch in to help.

We will send another announcement when the Contegix transfer is complete.  In
the meantime, if you see outages for wiki.list.org, please be patient.  I hope
there won't be too much of a disruption of service.

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