[Mailman-Users] Amazon SES and Verified Senders

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Jan 12 23:53:15 CET 2013

Stephen J. Turnbull writes:
 > Duane Winner writes:
 >  > >>When sending through Amazon SES, instead of using the 
 >  > >>From address of your user, instead use your organization's email
 >  > >>address with a "friendly name" which identifies the user. Only
 >  > >>the email address portion is verified, so you can send with 
 >  > >>From addresses like so:

It just occurred to me that it would be possible to do what XEmacs
does (as a convenience/vanity feature): issue all users an address at
your domain, eg of the form "closetotheedge%yahoo.com at example.com".[1]
It should be fairly easy to set up the MTA to rewrite and forward mail
to those addresses.  The main question at this point would be how to
link those addresses into the verification process.

In our case, we don't issue all users vanity addresses, only those who
are committers, and it's a labor-intensive process involving
correspondence about choosing and confirming the address.  But it
could be done for all users automatically as above.


[1]  Or for a retro mood, example.com!yahoo.com!closetotheedge. ;-)

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