[Mailman-Users] bounce processing / bounce score

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Jul 6 13:34:22 CEST 2013

Dave Blakemore writes:

 > Specifically I have one user who is not receiving notes

It would help if you are more precise about this.  Never received
anything since subscription?  Check the subscribed address for
accuracy.  I'm not sure how you can check for invisible characters
(like space and tab), Mark would know.  Suddenly stopped receiving,
and nothing since?  Intermittently?  If so, is it only her posts she
doesn't receive?  (If yes, betcha she's a Gmail user).

 > and I am wondering if it is at her end or mine.

Check the membership management page for her address, and see if
delivery has been disabled for bouncing.  If not, the mail is still
going out from your end.

You could also check logs/bounce, but you'll only find how many
bounces are being processed in total, not whose.

You could also check the MTA queues and logs for temporary and
permanent failures to her address.

 > How can I see bounced mail? 

The delivery status notification?  As far as I know you can only see
it normally when it's an unknown format.  It doesn't contain any
interesting information that isn't in other places, anyway.

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