[Mailman-Users] To restrict sending email messages per day

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Tue Jul 16 05:18:19 CEST 2013

Richard Damon writes:
 > On 7/15/13 4:03 PM, Nezih Yasar wrote:

 > > We have enough additional lists sharing the traffic but this is an alumni
 > > list without moderation. It has a central role. Each alumni has a right to
 > > affiliate the list.

OK.  I still suspect that starting a new list for active discussants
would be useful as part of a strategy to deal with this, but it has
its disadvantages.

 > > Our members agree on two-mail-per-day restriction convinced that it
 > > disciplines writing to this central list. So this is a rule in our
 > > procedural document which is like a regulatory framework.

OK.  It's really important that you have the backing of the
membership, in my experience.  Most people like having a strong list
owner who enforces such rules that are generally and publicly agreed,
but if it looks like you're making up a new rule, people you really
want on your side will fear you are setting up as censor.  (Even if
it's a very objective rule like "2 per day".)

 > > I am not sure whether this situation requires such a tool, some of our
 > > members demand it.

 > One simple solution is once you detect the violator, put them on
 > moderation and actively limit their posting.

I agree with Richard, this is the quick and simple solution.  You
probably should discuss it with the community before implementing it,

It has a number of social advantages.  The offenders (against the
community custom) are punished, and feel an appropriate amount of
pain.  The pain can be calibrated (by the frequency of moderation,
once a day, once every other day, etc, and by the length of time the
member is place on moderation).

I'll think about writing a "PosterThrottle" handler to implement your
requirements, but it will take a week or two.


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