[Mailman-Users] Is Mailman 2.1 not plushack aware?

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Tue Jun 4 09:54:32 CEST 2013

Jay Ashworth writes:

 > A few grafs on this in the doco or on the wiki might not go amiss,
 > unless I'm really the only person who's ever asked, in which case
 > nevermind. :-)

I still don't understand what you're asking for, unless it's

Mailman subscribes *exactly* the address you give it.  In tests based
on list membership, it will do a case-insensitive comparison on the
domain, and a case-sensitive comparison on the local-part.  Mailman
does not know or care about variations like mail subdomains or the
"plus hack".  If you want Mailman to know about such variations, you
will need to subscribe them to each relevant list (Mailman 2), or
do something-we-don't-exactly-know-yet-but-IMHO-probably-will-be-
almost-as-inconvenient (Mailman 3).[1]

We could go on to say

Mailman *can't* be "plushack aware", because there's no standard for
using it and there are common use cases with completely incompatible
semantics.  Some people have a "misc content" address and "specific
topic" addresses, and use the plus hack to enable their MDA to sort by
content into topic folders.  Others have a real address and use the
plus hack to provide fake addresses to identify which of their
correspondents have been harvested by spammers and/or use
reply-to-all.  And then there are the sociopaths who use TMDA.

The only way to allow such a wide variety of use cases is for the user
to explicitly specify which addresses are allowed to post and which
receive mail, and that's already possible, at the reasonable cost of
an extra subscription set to no-mail (unless you use runtime-generated
plushack addresses like TMDA).

but I think that's excessively technical.

[1]  As Mark says, MM 3 will have Users, but I personally do not want
all the addresses I use allowed to post to all the lists I subscribe
to.  So I'll still have to flip the toggle list-by-list, even on the
same Mailman installation in some cases.  I suspect without data that
this is actually the common case.

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