[Mailman-Users] List Owner Confirmation Link on Subscribe/Unsubscribe

ORiordan, Adrian Adrian.ORiordan at analog.com
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Thanks for the reply Mark.

I'm going to look into some alternatives using LDAP or AD to authenticate. This system will be used on an internal subnet so there are various authentication mechanisms already in place which I can utilize. Adding extra passwords for lists and users, in my experience, confuses the situation. Unless a system is easy to use, most user's will abandon it. I'll report back with a solution if I find one,


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On 06/07/2013 03:38 AM, ORiordan, Adrian wrote:
> One of the neat features of Mailman I like is the confirmation link 
> which is sent to a user upon subscribing (when the maillist is set to 
> confirm). Is it possible to add this feature for when the list owner 
> is notified for subscriptions/subscriptions? So instead of the usual 
> admin link, there's a confirm url which doesn't require a user logging 
> in with the list administrator password?

This would be somewhat complex to do as currently unlike for a subscription request waiting confirmation from the user, there is no entry in the list's pending database and thus no confirmation token for a subscription request waiting admin approval. Not only that, but there is currently no pending record type for a subscription request waiting admin approval.

All these things would have to be addressed.

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