[Mailman-Users] IP blacklisted by at&t

Adam McGreggor adam-mailman at amyl.org.uk
Mon Jun 17 15:42:23 CEST 2013

On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 09:07:29AM -0400, Jason Fayre wrote:
> I've submitted the form that at&t tells you to in order to get your
> IP removed from the blacklist.  I then get a response back saying
> that the IP is not blacklisted.

Usually, there's a contact address to use here.

> However, I've got recent bounce
> messages saying we are.  If I try and telnet to at&t's mail servers
> from the mailman server, I get rejected because of a blacklisted Ip.
> The IP they are saying is blacklisted is the same one I submitted on
> there web form.
> Does anyone have any strategies in dealing with at&t?  I would
> love... god forbid... to actually talk to someone in their
> postmaster team about this.

Is that just on IPv4? In some cases, using IPv6 may work…

The short answer may be "their MXes, their rules"; finding someone
with a cluebat will often be the hardest part.

That does assume they've not outsourced the blacklisting side of
things, of course, when there's a further problem. It's probably worth
having a look at the reputation of the address block you're using;
https://grepular.com/projects/dnsblsearch.txt may be of interest/use.

> We host around 200 mailing lists for the National Federation of the
> Blind.  Some of the lists are fairly high traffic.

In a previous role, skipping email and using the telephone worked for
getting through to the right person/department.

Social media may work in your favo(u)r here… ask how you might get in
contact with postmaster@ via twitter/other channels. And perhaps use
your community's help, too.

(NANOG or MailOp may be better channels)

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