[Mailman-Users] Ordering of messages in the moderation queue by date?

Larry Kuenning larry at qhpress.org
Mon Jun 17 17:38:39 CEST 2013

My 2 cents for Mark Sapiro's question:

> OK. Since this may be more widely used, here's a question? The current
> summary groups all the messages from a single sender into one 'box'. If
> we sort the boxes[1] by time, should multiple messages from a single
> address be in separate, time sorted boxes or should they still be
> grouped in a single box, and if the latter should the boxes be time
> sorted by oldest or newest in the box.

The original post spoke of a list "where all messages are moderated, and 
conversations are long."  A moderator who is trying to track the 
progress of a long conversation (while perhaps moderating for civility) 
would probably want to see all messages in strict time order, oldest 
first, without grouping by author.  I would want it that way on my lists 
if they had enough traffic to make manual sorting tedious.

This could be especially important in cases where writers are sending 
off-list copies to each other, and thus sometimes replying to posts that 
haven't even reached the list in moderated form yet.  You don't want to 
make a moderation decision about a reply before deciding what to do 
about the post being replied to.

(And of course "time order" must handle time zones accurately, e.g. a 
message sent from London at 1:00 am Wednesday should precede one sent 
from New York at 10:00 pm Tuesday.  I mention this because I _think_ I 
remember running into a problem with this when archiving old messages 
from a pre-Mailman incarnation of a list.)

Larry Kuenning
larry at qhpress.org

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