[Mailman-Users] Digest members continue to receive individual posts

Jeff White jaw171 at pitt.edu
Mon Mar 11 16:26:45 CET 2013

I figured out what the problem was:


I corrected the documentation on my mailman install but I think the 
better fix is to change the code as the patch attached to the bug report 
does.  It doesn't make sense to simple check if greater than.  When set 
to 0 or very low it will always be true and a digest of a single message 
is sent out for every message.

Jeff White - GNU+Linux Systems Administrator
University of Pittsburgh - CSSD

On 03/09/2013 12:25 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Jeff White wrote:
>> On 2.1.14 I have a list where multiple mebers are in digest mode but
>> continue to get individual posts.
> Do they also get digests?
> Do the individual messages even come from Mailman? I.e. are they
> perhaps direct Ccs of replies to their own posts? The headers of the
> individual messages will tell you if they came from Mailman.
> Are the users subscribed at more than 1 address, 1 of which is
> non-digest?
> Is there another list of which the users are non-digest members
> subscribed to this list or in this list's regular_include_lists?
> If nothing else, you can temporarily set Non-digest options ->
> personalize to Yes and add
> Message sent to %(user_delivered_to)s
> to msg_footer to help narrow the problem.

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