[Mailman-Users] handler to auto detach attachment and link it to a website?

Sylvain Viart sylvain at opensource-expert.com
Fri Apr 11 17:54:01 CEST 2014


> Le 28/03/2014 16:58, Mark Sapiro a écrit :
> > As it says in that post, scrub_nondigest is an all or nothing feature.
> I may code the behavior I've described for my need :
> Detaching attachment, storing, linking back into the original mail.

4.67. How do I implement a custom handler in Mailman 

Following instruction here, I've started to develop my custom handler, 
as Scrubber is scrubbing too "strong" for my purpose.

Development question, is there a way to test the handler against a mail 
content, outside of the full mailman context?

Something like:

$ python -some-useful-switch-here MyHandler.py < mymail_withheader.txt

Is it more appropriate to post such question to mailman-developers list?

I've found: http://pythonhosted.org/mailman/src/mailman/docs/DEVELOP.html


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