[Mailman-Users] 'Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender' error when using an e-mail from a domain co-hosted with the one used for Mailman lists

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Apr 30 17:45:54 CEST 2014

On 04/30/2014 04:08 AM, Jacques Setton wrote:
> To illustrate this, here is the related case set-up :
> - domain.net and domain.org are co-resident on the same host VPS12345,
> - domain.org is the one we use for mailman lists - link :
> http://lists.domain.org/mailman/listinfo,
> - we get no mail rejection when using the account name1 at domain.net with a
> list created on 'lists.domain.org' (after the previous fix), 
> - we get an 'Unknown User' mail rejection when using the name2 at domain.org
> with a list created on 'lists.domain.org' (new problem observed).
> The kind of rejection error notification we then get is depicted thereafter
> :

What you posted doesn't help. What is needed is the relevant Postfix log
messages, but based on your prior issue, I'm sure that *this* massage is
being relayed via the 'dovecot LDA rather than Postfix's 'local' LDA.

> Is there another Postfix parameter which govern the behavior of local
> 'unix:passwd.byname' versus 'virtual-mailman' type email accounts defined on
> the SAME DOMAIN as the one specifically used for Mailman ?

So the issue appears to be that name2 at domain.org is not a real address,
but only a virtual one. I.e. mane2 is not in the unix passwd file.

> If it turns out that there is a restriction on such particular usage, we
> could live with it by not using same domain-based email addresses as the one
> devoted to Mailman.

Do you know why your Postfix configuration has

virtual_transport = dovecot

If you don't need that, I think removing it will solve this, but it is
likely required for dome other functionality having to do with your

In any case, this is a Postfix issue. The only Mailman involvement is
that for mail to a Mailman list from *some* addresses, the 'dovecot'
relay is used rather than the 'local'

You could try appending $virtual_mailbox_maps to local_recipient_maps,
but that would probably have the same effect as removing
virtual_transport = dovecot.

> Many thanks for any hint regarding such reported behavior...

I'm sure there are people much more knowledgeable about Postfix than I,
and those people probably are reachable through Postfix support resources.

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