[Mailman-Users] Welcome email text file strips carriage returns

David Law david at seo-gold.com
Sat Aug 16 00:34:03 CEST 2014

> >>/  Having a problem with the "Welcome email text file".
> /
> Is the recipient using Outlook with the "Remove extra line breaks in plain text messages" box checked?

Thanks for the responses.

I'm running FireFox Thunderbird that doesn't appear to have that type of 
setting, if it does, doesn't have an option to turn on/off.

> Did you follow the "(Details for welcome_msg)" link? If you do, I think
> the details there will answer your question

No, that's from the General Options page, I've not added anything to the 
"List-specific text prepended to new-subscriber welcome message" box so 
didn't associate it with what I'm working on the "Welcome email text 
file" page (admin URL ending in /subscribeack.txt) which has no info 
link to any wrap rules.

Seems the rules used on the "List-specific text prepended to 
new-subscriber welcome message" box are also used on the contents of 
what you add to "Welcome email text file" page.

Note that this text will be wrapped, according to the following rules:

  * Each paragraph is filled so that no line is longer than 70 characters.
  * Any line that begins with whitespace is not filled.
  * A blank line separates paragraphs.

So the solution was add a space before the text of any line you don't 
want to have carriage returns stripped, like:

  line 1
  line 2
  line 3

Got it sorted :-)

Thanks again.

David Law
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