[Mailman-Users] Inconsistent Message Delivery -- Hosted

Charlene Ruell cruell at climatenetwork.org
Wed Dec 3 02:15:15 CET 2014

Thanks for the responses! I will see if I can get access to the log.

Carl, it is very strange, as there isn't anything in common among the users
reporting issues. The feedback that I am getting is that there are no delays
(this has been my experience as well) the messages just never arrive (though
they are in the archive). What adds to the mystery is it is not consistent.
Yesterday, several of my users reported receiving some messages from a list,
but not others. I've asked for feedback to get a better handle on what the
common denominator might be. In my thinking, if users are receiving some
messages it is not a filter or spam issue, otherwise ALL messages would be
stopped. Correct?

The lists are all roughly 75 users. The biggest is 150.

Thanks so much! Myself and my organization VERY much appreciate your help.
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On 12/1/2014 8:51 PM, Charlene Ruell wrote:
> The issue: users are sending messages to the lists, but not all users 
> receive the message. There are not specific addresses affected, nor is 
> it the same people that experience the issue every time. From what we 
> can tell it is NOT a SPAM issue.

Do the missing messages ever arrive? Bear in mind that by it's nature, email
isn't a real-time medium; it's common for list messages to take hours to
arrive, depending on the size of the list, the load of the sending server,
and the load of each of the receiving servers ("I'm busy, try again later").

Pleas give us some more detail about the size of the lists and how long
messages take to arrive (the ones that do).


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