[Mailman-Users] Advantages

Barry S. Finkel bsfinkel at att.net
Wed Dec 3 03:37:27 CET 2014

On 12/2/2014 6:05 PM, rex at rexgoode.com wrote:
> I have been a long-time user of mailman and have been on many mailing
> lists.
> I am also part of a professional association of social workers that
> operate in my area. They have been using a list of addresses in a Cc
> field to manage their mailing list. I can't imagine anything more
> fraught with problems than that, but I can't convince these people to
> let me host a mailman mailing list for them.
> I can think of a lot of advantages myself, but I'm wondering if anyone
> has seen a good list somewhere. I'm a strange combination of software
> engineer and social worker, so I understand both worlds. My social
> worker colleagues tend to think of something like a mailing list as
> complicating things rather than simplifying them.
> I'm not necessarily asking for a discussion here, but I'd like some
> feedback on this.
> Viva Mailman!
> Rex Goode

Using a "Cc:" list has problems:

1) Someone might omit one or more addresses, and then some of the
    intended recipients will not get the e-mail.  And it may be a
    different group, depending upon which sender omits which addresses.

2) An e-mail with too many recipient addresses might be classified as
    spam by a recipient's ISP, and using a "Bcc:" list avoids this
    problem but then no one knows the entire recipient list for replying.

These are the first two that come to mind, and I think that with these
two, you do not need any more reasons to avoid using a Mailman list.

And Mailman provides an archive of the postings and can control
who can post to the list.

--Barry Finkel

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