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We use mailman for a very diverse set of people and needs, some few hundred mailing lists.  

I would suggest the "terror" they feel is on something new to get over with, good luck!



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I have been a long-time user of mailman and have been on many mailing lists.

I am also part of a professional association of social workers that
operate in my area. They have been using a list of addresses in a Cc
field to manage their mailing list. I can't imagine anything more
fraught with problems than that, but I can't convince these people to
let me host a mailman mailing list for them.

I can think of a lot of advantages myself, but I'm wondering if anyone
has seen a good list somewhere. I'm a strange combination of software
engineer and social worker, so I understand both worlds. My social
worker colleagues tend to think of something like a mailing list as
complicating things rather than simplifying them.

I'm not necessarily asking for a discussion here, but I'd like some
feedback on this.

Viva Mailman!

Rex Goode
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