[Mailman-Users] Problems sending email

Richard Damon Richard at Damon-Family.org
Sun Dec 7 19:30:58 CET 2014

On 12/7/14, 9:27 AM, Bob Hacker wrote:
> I have a problem with one person on my members sending emails to our members
> list.  The email goes out but no one receives it.  If she sends the email to
> me, I can forward it to the members list and everyone gets it.
> Please help,
> Bob
Depending on the lists settings, some things that could cause this are:

1) The From Email addresses isn't subscribed. It may be that it is an 
"equivalent" address that gets delivered to the same email box, but it 
differs in a way that mailman doesn't know about as being the same 
(things like mac.com, me.com and icloud.com being the same, or gmail 
ignoring . in the user name, or +hacked addresses).

2) Their client is sending HTML formatting without plain text, and your 
client adds it when you forward them.

3) They have the wrong email address for the list in their address book 
(maybe listname-bounces?)

Richard Damon

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