[Mailman-Users] Advantages - Files

rex at rexgoode.com rex at rexgoode.com
Wed Dec 10 12:56:21 CET 2014

Well, everyone, my disadvantages/advantages list was successful in  
getting people to join my mailman list.

There were a few holdouts, but the main players decided that the list  
was a good idea and signed up. The rest will probably follow when  
their discussion dries up and everything that's happening is on the  

One question came up and I knew the answer, but it brings up a  
question for me.

They wanted to know if there was a "files" area where they could  
upload things like Word documents, etc. I told them there wasn't. I  
could provide one, but I would have to come up with a login mechanism  
to keep the files only available to the list subscribers. I know these  
people won't get on board with a whole new username/password to  
remember on top of the one they need for mailman.

Is there a way for me to detect that they have logged in and give them  
access to be able to up- and download files to an area I provide?  
Actually, I'd like to keep uploads just to those I set as list  

I don't know python, but I know enough a dozen languages, so I don't  
think it will be a problem if I have to learn it.

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