[Mailman-Users] Emergency moderation of all list traffic is set to 'Yes'

Jay Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Fri Dec 19 05:06:12 CET 2014

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> From: "Mark Sapiro" <mark at msapiro.net>
> On December 18, 2014 12:02:24 PM PST, "Xie, Wei" <xie.47 at osu.edu>
> wrote:

> >We have one customer to set " Emergency moderation of all list
> >traffic" to 'Yes', all posted messages are really held, but owners do not
> >receive moderation notices. Is this normal?
> Yes. This is deliberate. It is felt that in an emergency moderation
> situation, owners don't want to be inundated with held message
> notices.

Or, in short, "it *says* emergency; don't expect it to act like everything's
normal".  :-)

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