[Mailman-Users] Digest indexes

Lucio Chiappetti lucio at lambrate.inaf.it
Fri Dec 19 10:19:02 CET 2014

>>    1.  Display digest messages in the summary as single messages.
> Are there any MUAs that can do that?
>>    2.  If the user clicks on the digest message, it is opened as a
>>        folder, not as a message.

As I said before, Alpine can do that or be instructed to do that. I hope 
it is allowed to post a few screendumps to demonstrate

The mailindex.png shows part of my MUA index screen. The last message 
numbered 34 is a digest from this mailing list.

  - If I click on it, it will open the entire digest as a single message
  - If I then give command V it will show the screen in maildigest.png,
    i.e. "attachment index"

This is default action. The "attachment index" is not very perspicuous
but if you click on any of the entries numberd 3,n and labelled 
"Message/RFC822" you will open the corresponding e-mail message.

This satisfies your item 1 in three clicks

Instead if you start from the MUA index screen, select message 34 with the 
cursor and type shift-D, you are prompted for a folder collection/ folder 
name (it proposes the folder name "temporary" so if you agree and do not 
have to change the folder collection where it is located, just just press 
return, and you get a folder index screen like the third attachment 

This satisfies your item 2 in a min of 2 clicks.
However it is not standard behaviour, it is my personal customization. I 
had to play with programmable keys and write a one-liner external script 
to support it.

But ... yes, you can   :-)

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