[Mailman-Users] Mailman setting not "sticking"

Liz Zoob lizzoob at gmail.com
Sun Feb 2 04:44:59 CET 2014


This is my first post, and I hope you can help me figure something out.

I am a therapist who administers a Mailman (2.1.15) list for a local group
of other therapists. The Mailman software was set up by someone else with
whom I don't interact in an ongoing way. I handle all administrative
requests for our list, and have customized various Mailman administration
pages for our mailing group (custom Welcome Message, footer, plain vs MIME
digests, ACK or no, etc.).

One of the Umbrella list settings under General Options is "Send monthly
password reminders?" which I have set to NO. (None of our members want to
access the list messages via the web, so they don't have or need
passwords.) Nonetheless, some of our members are getting these Monthly
Reminder Messages anyway, despite the NO setting (not all--I haven't gotten
one myself), and they are writing to me, confused. Can anyone explain to me
why the NO setting is not sticking, or is being overridden? It is also
puzzling why only some of the members are getting the reminder.

There is no setting in the individual members' settings/options that has
anything to do with this reminder, nor do all recipients of the reminders
have the same email domains.

One more bit of information: The person who set up the mailing list for us
also set up two other regional lists, all within the same domain. In other
words, my list is xxx_xxx.ourdomain.org, while another is
yyy_yyy.ourdomain.org. Is it possible that there are "master umbrella" (?)
settings somewhere that override mine, settings that the original
setter-upper of this software can tweak? By the way, I did write to him
too, but I like to find out whatever I can on my own. Plus I may not be at
the top of his priority list.

Any ideas?



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