[Mailman-Users] list reply domain mangled

Ryan Caron rcaron at igpp.ucla.edu
Wed Feb 5 01:53:21 CET 2014

I have a aaa at yyy.zzz.ucla.edu, but when an email is sent out, it appears 
to come from aaa at zzz.ucla.edu. Only an explicit reply-list works, and 
then not all the time.

I should note that the server is not virtual, and doesn't have any other 
names beyond yyy.zzz.ucla.edu. DEFAULT_URL_HOST & DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST are 
explicitly defined that way anyway. The individual lists have th 
host_name properly defined as well.

Even reply-to header munging (first_strip_reply_to, reply_goes_to_list, 
& reply_to_address) are ineffective at preserving the yyy portion.

At this point I'm guessing MTA somewhere is changing all this, but 
where? The MTA in the box is sendmail, but as for the rest of the network...


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