[Mailman-Users] Manually setting digest version and/or number and other questions

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Feb 11 23:17:51 CET 2014

On 02/10/2014 09:39 PM, George Kasica wrote:
> How does your script work exactly? Where do I find what I use for variables
> and what they are now? Almost looks like config_list might be better.

My script is just a front end to config_list so you can to something like

/path/to/set_attributes volume=25 next_digest_number=1 LISTNAME

instead of putting lines like


in a file and running

bin/config_list -i /path/to/file LISTNAME

As far as what you can use for variables and what they currently are, 
you could do

bin/dumpdb lists/LISTNAME/config.pck

to see what's there, most of which is viewable, settable via the web 
admin interface. In order to understand what the meaning of any list 
attribute is, if it's in the web admin UI, it's described there, 
otherwise, you have to look at code. E.g.,

grep -r next_digest_number /path/to/mailman/

to find the modules that reference it, and then look at those modules.

> Changes made but one question - on the web based Archives page I still see
> an entry for the gzipp'd version but it now goes nowhere and throws a page
> not found. How do I get rid of that:

The next time the page is updated by Mailman which I think will happen 
with the next post to the list, or if not, with the next post in a new 
period (month), Mailman will correct those links.  In the mean time, you 
can edit archives/private/LISTNAME/index.html and just remove the '.gz' 
from the hrefs.

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