[Mailman-Users] Bounces not being detected

Peter Fraser p_fraser at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 21 20:00:28 CEST 2014

I checked the data directory and saw some *.pck files Their names were along the lines of "heldmsg-<list_name>-727.pck"so I guess then bouncerunner should be running. All the .pck files have heldmsg in the name.

The way our setup is designed though, the mailman box isn't the mail smtp relay. It sits behind the firewall and just sends out. So I'm thinking that if a downstream box later bounced the messages, that wouldn't hit the mailman box, but would hit the main smtp relay and back to the exchange server box. I looked then at the logs of the main smtp relay and did see some bounces with dsn id's
I'm hoping though that the bounces detected during the smtp transaction should be detected by postfix and then mailman.Maybe that accounts for those few .pck files? Not sure.


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