[Mailman-Users] Saving list subscribers from a backup

Bernie Cosell bernie at fantasyfarm.com
Mon May 12 22:14:00 CEST 2014

in the face of zillions of bounce/unsubscribes thanks to the DMARC mess, 
what I'd like to do is get the sysadmin to snapshot the list members 
from, say, a week ago.  Then when we get things cleaned up I can 
'restore' the list as it was.  I don't know how to do it and I tried 
googling and only found:


which said


On our system, though, all I find is:

mailman$ ls
Mailman/  archive/  bin/  cgi-bin/  cron/  icons/  mail/  messages/  
pythonlib/  scripts/  templates/  tests/

so no "lists" diretory at all.  Obviously that's for a very old version 
of mailman   We have:
   Using Mailman version: 2.1.9

Thanks  /b\

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mailto:bernie at fantasyfarm.com     Pearisburg, VA
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