[Mailman-Users] multiple mailing list passwords

Lucio Chiappetti lucio at lambrate.inaf.it
Mon May 26 14:21:50 CEST 2014

I am one of the list administrator/moderator for several mailing lists, 
most of which aren't based on my machine (a few are in another continent), 
so I am not the site admin for them.

In particular three of these are on the same machine, therefore my firefox 
is able to remember the password for one mailing list only (if I reply YES 
to the request to change the stored password, it remembers the one of the 
last mailing list visited).

Is anybody aware of any firefox add-on which allows to remember multiple 
password for one hostname (e.g. based on the full url of the list admin 
page) ?

(Preferably one which does NOT store password outside of the local 


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