[Mailman-Users] HTML content from GMX gets scrubbed in archive

Peter Wetz wetz.peter at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 15:02:41 CEST 2014

UPDATE: lynx was missing on the machine mailman was running on. since i
don't have root access (or at least i could not find out on my own, if lynx
is running), it was quite hard for me to figure that one out. just after i
read that some others on this list had problems with "blank messages in the
archive after conversion of html to plain-text mails", i think this was
something worth to investigate.

so now that lynx is installed and running, the html-to-plain-text
conversion works.

one final question: since this requires content filtering to be turned on,
i basically have to whitelist all mime-types i want to let through. is that


On Tue, Oct 7, 2014 at 4:14 AM, Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net> wrote:

> On 10/06/2014 04:20 AM, Peter Wetz wrote:
> >     So the answer to your simple question is simply "you can't".
> >
> >
> > maybe my use of "how can html-mails be properly displayed" was
> > misleading. i dont want any html formatting to be preserved. i simply
> > want an html mail be converted to plain text and then get shown in the
> > archive without any scrubbed attachments. is that possible?
> >
> > i think that my problem is more specific: when i write an HTML mail from
> > gmail to my list, it gets archived properly, i.e., i can see the html as
> > plain text. all is fine. however, when I sent an html mail via the web
> > interface of the popular freemail gmx, the message's html get scrubbed
> > as an attachment and nothing is schon besides the scrubbed attachment.
> >
> > why is it working with html mails from gmail and why isn't it working
> > with html mails from gmx?
> Last question first. The mail from gmail is multipart/alternative with
> text/plain and text/html alternative parts. The archiver still scrubs
> the text/html part and replaces it with a link, but there is also the
> text/plain part which is archived inline.
> The mail from gmx is html only, so there is no text/plain part to
> archive inline.
> You can accomplish what you want in the archives using Mailman's content
> filtering, but this will also affect posts delivered to the list
> members. If that is acceptable, you want the following in the lists
> Content filtering settings.
> filter_content = Yes
> filter_mime_types -> totally empty, not even any whitespace
> pass_mime_types -> at least the following 3 lines, maybe more if you
> want to allow other attachment types.
> multipart
> text/plain
> text/html
> filter_filename_extensions -> the default list is probably OK
> pass_filename_extensions -> totally empty, not even any whitespace
> collapse_alternatives -> probably Yes. If you make this No, for a
> multipart/alternative message with both text/plain and text/html
> alternatives, you will wind up with a message with both the original
> text/plain part and a second text/plain part containing Mailman's
> conversion of the text/html part.
> convert_html_to_plaintext -> Yes
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