[Mailman-Users] How to discard messages from just a few list members?

Ulf Dunkel dunkel at calamus.net
Sat Aug 22 17:26:50 CEST 2015

>>>> In "Privacy options > Sender filters", I see many options to treat
>>>> postings from non-member addresses. But I don't find a way to discard
>>>> posting from defined list members automatically, without dropping them
>>>> from the list.
>>>> Is there any such option that I have overseen?
>>> Set the members moderated and set member_moderation_action to Discard.
>> I guess if I would do so, this could mean that I myself won't be able to
>> send postings to the list, too, right?
> You would be able to post if you make yourself not moderated.

Thank you, but I won't send unmoderated news to any newsletter. I am
using Mailman for felt decades and I am so happy that the moderated flag
always kept me from sending postings too early. Chances are that you
post some stuff with unfixed errors and the moderated mode helps you to
re-check your posting before you confirm that it should be spread.

I have now set up a regEx command and will see if it works.

---Ulf Dunkel

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