[Mailman-Users] Assistance with altering reply-to behaviours and DMARC

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Aug 29 17:16:59 CEST 2015

Sorry, serious finger fumble there.  Please ignore the messed up one.

Andrew Hodgson writes:

 > That is interesting, and I wonder if this is something to do with
 > the way that Redhat have implemented the new feature.

My guess is that Red Hat backported 2.1.17 or 2.1.18-1.  After getting
complaints, Mark S fixed things so that the From address was moved to
Cc rather than Reply-To in 2.1.19 or 2.1.20.

 > Is there any way you could just upgrade your installation to the
 > latest 2.1.20?  There are some compiling guides out there for
 > Redhat/Centos systems that were designed to get people through this
 > before Redhat backported the feature.

It's easy enough to do, but beware of installing into the same places
that Red Hat/CentOS uses, as that is quite likely to result in various
problems if you try to upgrade the Mailman package from the OS vendor.
On the other hand, using a source build installed to the default
/var/local hierarchy means you'll need to copy the site config
mm_cfg.py, the list configs, and the archives to the new location, and
teach the webserver and mailserver about the new Mailman.  In
principle it's pretty straightforward and I haven't hesitated to do so
on several occasions, but I can understand why an admin might be
nervous (or they might have a rule that all installed software must be
controlled by the system's PMS, and that's a good rule that shouldn't
be violated lightly).

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