[Mailman-Users] Many users unsubscribed at once (not by me)

Hal my_list_address at yahoo.no
Sun Dec 13 05:14:48 EST 2015

On 12/12/2015 23:04, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> On 12/12/2015 01:46 PM, Hal wrote:
>> Today I received 18 unsubscribe notification mesages, each one telling
>> me that "name at addr.ess has been removed from my_list_name".

> If they were sent at 09:00 server time (that's the default, but it could
> be different) They were almost certainly unsubscribes done by Mailman's
> cron/disabled job.

Thanks -Yes, that's right! 09.00 at the server's time.

> This is a part of Mailman's automated bounce processing.

Glad to have this sorted out!

> You should review the settings (and Details links) in your list's web
> admin Bounce processing section.

Sure. Here are my bounce settings (I believe they're the default ones 
though as I try not to touch stuff I don't fully understand):

bounce processing:	 YES
bounce score threshold:	 5.0
bounce info state after: 7
bounce you are disabled warnings:  3
bounce you are disabled interval:  7

bounce unrecognized goes to list owner:	YES
bounce notify owner on disable:		YES
bounce notify owner on removale:	YES

> Beyond that, if 18 members were unsubscribed at once it is likely that
> the bounces that caused their delivery to be disabled and them to
> ultimately be removed were due to something other that the addresses
> being invalid, e.g., DMARC or possibly some network issue.
> See the FAQ article at <http://wiki.list.org/x/17891458>.

So I understand that a certain procedure for fighting spam has been set 
up by many email providers but this is incompatible with how Mailman 
works, causing problems such as the ones I'm experiencing.

Seeing that 17 out of those 18 unsubscribed messages were sent from 
Hotmail I can only assume the above was what happened. Next I will 
locate the other instance I had of automated removals to see if there's 
a similar pattern there.

Most of the discussions in the FAQ article were over my head, so I 
suppose to make it simple I should just change the "bounce processing" 
option to OFF, then resubscribe all the members which were unsubscribed 
and finally emailing each of them with an apology and explanation.

So, by turning this option off I will lose Mailman's ability to 
automatically remove addresses which are no longer reachable? What else 
will I be missing out on?


of yesterday I found that 17 of them were from hotmail. The remaining 
message was from live.com.au.
I will try and find the other instance (several months ago) of Mailmain
As there seems

Most of that stuff was way over my head but I did understand that

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