[Mailman-Users] Diagnosing command failures

Brian Carpenter brian at emwd.com
Thu Jan 22 05:33:26 CET 2015

> Gary Merrill wrote:
> > Now you might argue that Mailman was never intended to be
> > deployed in such a lame support environment.  That is almost
> It sounds like a fairly typical mailman support environment.
> > certainly true.  But it's ALMOST good enough to stand on its
> > own feet in this environment, and I think that a number of
> > subscribers to Webhostingpad make use of it.  It's been
> > working very reliably and well with this one exception --
> > which is certainly the problem of this single user.  Since
> > Mailman doesn't log failures and doesn't return specific
> > enough diagnostics to tell exactly what's going on, I'll have
> > to deal with it a more direct and personal way.  I think the
> > best thing to do would be to get one of his buddies to sit
> > down with him and show him how to do it and what his problem is.
> A lot of people use the cPanel version and can't do anything complicated
> support. Even though this particular case is about trying to help a
> user to do something that's normally straightforward that's probably
> pointless anyway, I hope v3 at least gives cPanel users access to more
> diagnostics than v2 does.
> Peter Shute

This is not limited to mailman on cPanel boxes. Since we offer a mailman
only hosting service (separate from our shared hosting service) that runs on
cPanel servers, we find ourselves often in a position on needing a client to
contact their own web hosting company for help since we can only go so far
in trouble-shooting list delivery issues. This requires the separate hosting
company to go into their own mail logs and that my friends, is where things
seem to go wrong quickly. Too many in my opinion just are not willing to go
into any depth to help their clients. 

Today, I had to help out Godaddy's tech support because they totally wreck
their (and ours) client's ability to post to their own mailman list which
was hosted with us. 

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