[Mailman-Users] Please consider donating to the GNU Mailman project

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Tue May 5 02:07:57 CEST 2015

I should have included this in our release announcement.

I'd like to remind everyone that GNU Mailman has a directed donation fund set
up at the Free Software Foundation.  Please consider donating!


This year, we used a portion of our fund to sponsor Abhilash coming to PyCon
2015.  Abhilash has been a core developer since his participation in GSoC, and
has proven himself to be indispensable across a wide range of the project.  We
were beyond happy to be able to meet him in person and work with him over the
course of the sprints, and we reached the 3.0 release in large part because of
his participation at the sprints.

Your donations can help with future sprints, user testing, hosting, and more.
We're a small team of volunteers and every dollar can help.  A portion of your
donation also goes to the Free Software Foundation, so you can help two great
organizations with one donation.

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