[Mailman-Users] Mailman only delivers inside server

kapuzino at web.de kapuzino at web.de
Mon Nov 9 10:00:04 EST 2015


>> Mailman had worked fine primarily.
>> After a server-update it deliveres messages only to email-adresses hostet on the same server (my own adresses connected to two different tld's).

>I am having the same problem  ...
>...  So I changed my main.cf:
>mynetworks =, localhost

It is done, without bettering.

(Mark Sapiro)
>This is almost certainly a Postfix issue, not a Mailman issue.

But what is the diffrence between sending with postfix using a distributor generated in plesk-email-panel and the connection of mailman to postfix ?
If it is no internal mailman issue, though a special configuration issue needed for mailman, when postfix is sending everything well, but mailman tasks.

What information could help to localize the failure ?


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