[Mailman-Users] Mailman Hosting

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp
Wed Dec 21 23:18:47 EST 2016

Odhiambo Washington writes:

 > mails, but majority of the subscribers are with Verizon/ATT and that has
 > really affected one list that I have so I need to change.

Do you have a reason to think a change will help?  As you say, they're
notorious for blocking list emails.  I doubt their criteria are so
heavily weighted toward which hosting service you use as to make a big
difference here.  Rather (as others have suggested) probably any
change that involves significant flows of duplicate message-ids from a
new source will get blocked.  Other than that negative effect,
reputation is something that you build over time.  Trying to buy it in
an instant is not a good bet.

The first thing would be to check that your IPs aren't on any of the
RBLs.  Seems unlikely since you don't have problems with other
providers, but Verizon may have poor taste in RBLs (as they do in so
many other ways).  If you're on one, you'll be better off if you can
get off rather than moving.

Do you know and conform to their acceptable use policies?  Have you
talked to their support staff?  They're the only ones who know what
criteria they actually use to decide what to block.  I wouldn't be
surprised if they just brush you off, but that's the second thing you
should try.

Can you get your subscribers to complain?  That often has more effect
than complaints from a third party.


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