[Mailman-Users] Persistent spam source!

Lindsay Haisley fmouse at fmp.com
Sat Jan 23 20:35:08 EST 2016

I got the following from one of my list admins. Any suggestions as to
what might be going on? I've verified that the address in question is
indeed on the discard_these_nonmembers list and that the problem address
isn't already subscribed.

        So we keep getting spam postings from  jeffrey at elespectaddor.com
        caught in the "needs approval" filter. He's not a member. I've
        added him to the non-member filter under "List of non-member
        addresses whose postings will be automatically discarded" and
        banned him from membership. But half a dozen times a day we're
        still getting requests to approve a spam posting when the
        options I've set up are to discard anything from him.
        How are these slipping through? And is there anything we can do
        about it? It's not a disaster, but it sure is a pain.

Our MM version is 2.1.18-1.

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