[Mailman-Users] Message discarded without reason logged in vette

Hirayama, Pat phirayam at fredhutch.org
Fri Jul 8 12:33:45 EDT 2016

Hi Mark,

This is the message (from just a few minutes ago, in fact):

Jul 08 09:17:51 2016 (3892) Message discarded, msgid: <...>

I am stumped.  The sender is a non-moderated member.  She is in fact, listed as a moderator.  filter_content is set to no.  ARCHIVE_HTML_SANITIZER does not appear to be set.  dmarc_moderation_action is set to ACCEPT.   header_filter_rules = [].

As near as I can tell, everywhere in the admin interface where one can select "Discard" is not checked.  


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On 7/8/16 9:00 AM, Hirayama, Pat wrote:
> WRT Content filtering -- if filter_content is set to NO, then nothing else in that section should apply, right?  That is, even if there is stuff defined for pass_mime_types and filter_filename_extensions?  

That's correct.

Note that what I wrote below applies only to the exact log entry
"Message discarded, msgid: <...>". It seems that's the one you've seen,
but there can be other messages such as "No command, message discarded,
msgid: <...>" which is logged for messages sent to the -request address
with no command or to -confirm with incorrect format.

> -----Original Message-----
> If the message in the vette log is "Message discarded, msgid: <...>",
> that message is only produced in standard Mailman by IncomingRunner when
> a handler raises DiscardMessage. Again in standard Mailman, the only
> Handlers that do that are:
> MimeDel
>  - content filtering removes the entire message and filter_action is
> other than Reject
> Moderate
>  - a post is from a moderated member with member_moderation_action Discard
>  - a post is from a non-member in discard_these_nonmembers or with
> generic_nonmember_action Discard
> Scrubber
>  - if the top level MIME type is text/html and ARCHIVE_HTML_SANITIZER =
> 0 (not the default, and this only applies if scrub_nondigest is Yes)
> SpamDetect
>  - when a message matches KNOWN_SPAMMERS
>  - A post is From: a domain with DMARC p=reject (or maybe quarantine)
> and dmarc_moderation_action is Discard
>  - a message matches header_filter_rules with Discard action or with
> Reject action and the message is to -owner

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