[Mailman-Users] Stop Backlogged Messages From Going Out

Craig Pettersen day7pettersens at gmail.com
Wed May 4 09:12:05 EDT 2016

  I inherited a server that has a couple mailman lists that interface with
postfix and was alerted that daily messages from the list haven't been
going out for almost 3 weeks now.  I fixed the problem in postfix, and
before fixing it I checked queues and files in /var/spool/postfix and in
/home/mailman to see if any backlogged messages were set to go out and
didn't find any.
  However after things went back up I've received two messages from the
list and I have no idea where they've been hiding.  Since I can't have
people upset with 20 emails from the list showing up in their inboxes I
shut postfix and mailman down.  Now I need some help figuring out how to
find and stop any old messages from going out and delete them.  Can anyone
help me understand how to do that?

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