[Mailman-Users] dnspython not found error

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Sat May 7 00:51:52 EDT 2016

On 5/4/2016 11:27 AM, David Newman wrote:
> Had to reinstall the Mailman port (not pkg) on a FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE
> system after updating some ports due to security vulnerabilities.
> Several other packages also required rebuild to point to new shared objects.
> The Mailman build failed, saying 'dnspython not found' even though that
> port is installed:
> root at mail:/usr/ports/mail/mailman # pkg info | grep dnspython
> py27-dnspython-1.12.0          DNS toolkit for Python

I don't think that doesn't say whether it was installed from port or pkg.

FWIW, ports and packages don't always play nice together and many will say 
never to mix then (I do). It sounds like the Makefile is failing. On my 
current freebsd system, I installed mailman from source, not from the port, 
and don't recall any weird problems. All I can say is it's working for me.

Also, Mark's import test will tell you whether it's really there but it 
won't tell you about paths. My ports tree isn't up to date, but it's 
checking PYTHON_PKGNAMEPREFIX which comes from /usr/ports/Mk/Uses/python.mk.

The fix -may- be as simple as uninstalling python2-2_3.

who's back at 10.1-RELEASE-p10

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