[Mailman-Users] mailman to inn gateway

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Sat May 21 03:40:42 EDT 2016

Le 21/05/2016 05:23, Mark Sapiro a écrit :

> Is Mailman's cron/gatenews being run? The default crontab runs it every
> 5 minutes. It is required to gate from usenet to mail.

the documentation is ambiguous


says that this is needed only with 2.0, I have 2.1.21

I used:


that is:

[root prompt]# cd /usr/lib/mailman/cron
[root prompt]# crontab -u mailman crontab.in

now the test list works both ways. good. I completed my doc

>> for the list linux-31, no result for any way
> Are the Mail<->News gateways settings other than linked_newsgroup the
> same for both lists? Does the linked_newsgroup exist on nntp_host?

yes for both

> Are gateway_to_news and gateway_to_mail both set to Yes for both lists?

surprisingly not. for linux-31 it was set to no. bad :-(. corrected

> Mail<->News gateways -> mass_catchup to Yes and Submitting changes will
> start gating with the next new message.
no result.

I could find a fix creating an other newsgroup (other name), and this 
one I could sync it with mailman.


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