[Mailman-Users] Migrating Mailman to New Server (Same Domain)

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Oct 24 15:00:43 EDT 2016

On 10/24/2016 10:49 AM, Jewel Brueggeman-Makda wrote:
> There are different versions of python, so I will stick to only copying the lists and archives directories.  What about copying the data directory?  I read that this was important too.

There are various things in data/. Some can be copied and some should
not be.

adm.py and creator.py if any are the encrypted site password and list
creator password respectively. These can be set if needed with

aliases* and virtual-mailman* can be copied, but it is better to
regenerate them with bin/genaliases after moving the lists.

bounce-events* if it exists is a queue of current bounces for
BounceRunner and if copied, won't be used.

heldmsg* are held messages. If you are copying the
lists/LISTNAME/request.pck files these should be copied

last_mailman_version should not be copied if the Mailman versions are
different. It should be the version of this Mailman.

master-qrunner.pid is the PID of the currently running Mailman and
should not be copied.

sitelist.cfg is only an example config_list input file to more
appropriately configure the site ('mailman') list. It will be the same
in both places anyway.

The important things are the Postfix aliases and virtual mappings and
it's better to regenerate those with genaliases, and the held messages
which should be copied if there are any.

Bottom line: Copy the heldmsg* files
             Run genaliases
             Run mmsitepass if needed.

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