[Mailman-Users] Correct host values in mm.cfg.py

Christian F Buser luscheina at yahoo.de
Tue Apr 11 18:50:10 EDT 2017

Hi all 

I have started to install Mailman on a Mac OS X Sierra (10.12.4) machine, using Macports. I installed the necessary python27 component and mailman itself so far. But then, I am stuck...

At the end of the mailman install process, I receive the message

"Be sure to verify the email and URL host settings in the Mailman configuration file (they may have been guessed incorrectly during the configuration step):

The entries which the installation created automatically are: 

DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'mailman.fritz.box'
DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'mailman.fritz.box'

Of course, mailman.fritz.box is not a valid address, it is just the name of the machine followed by the router name... what else should I put there? The machine does not have an IP number or an address which is accessible from the internet. A setting like "mailman.localhost" seems not to work. The web interface does not need to be available from "outside". I will need to use an outside SMTP- and POP3 server for mail exchange, since the machine is behind a router with a dynamic IP address assigned by the access provider according to their needs. 

The "Include /opt/local/etc/httpd/mailman.conf" statement is in the httpd.conf file. 

Thank you, Christian  

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