[Mailman-Users] Users being unsubscribed without requesting it.

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Sun Aug 20 21:44:50 EDT 2017

"Steve Wehr" wrote:
> That's the best theory I have heard so far to explain the facts. 
> The user's in question, who are being unsubscribed without asking to be, are
> people who like the mailing lists they are on, and would not be flagging
> emails from the list as spam. Now their ISP might, but they wouldn't. The
> list owners swear to me that these people are friends who want their emails.
> Some further info... I was including a link at the bottom of all emails sent
> by mailman (in the msg_footer field: 
> "Click this link to unsubscribe:
> %(user_optionsurl)s?password=%(user_password)s&unsub=1&unsubconfirm=1" 
> I thought perhaps users were accidentally clicking this and unsubscribing
> themselves, so I have removed the "&unsubconfirm=1" part of the URL so they
> will have to manually confirm.
> Maybe this would foil ISPs who are automatically following this link to
> unsubscribe people. Do ISPs really do this?

Those list members may have forwarded some posts to acquaintances,
those 3rd parties may have clicked those links mostly
by accident.  I have received stuff like that quite often from
people (regardless what mail manager was) Some people are clueless
thus forward without pruning. Some careless, some time pressured,
& some 3rd parties will click Anything.

Andy C's idea is good: Track a couple of cases in apache (or other httpd) logs .

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