[Mailman-Users] Moderator list pending

Ralph Johnson johnsonrl at uwclub.net
Sun Jul 9 05:37:24 EDT 2017


Nobody has come up with an answer to my query about how to stop the daily
messages " Moderator request waiting your attention" when there is no
message in the pending moderator list. I have already deleted it.

One thing that occurs to me is to generate a message myself and hope that
clearing it will also clear the phantom message. But how do I do this.




I am the administrator for a walking group and I received an email message
that there was a moderator request waiting for my attention.

I went to "Tend to moderator requests" and deleted the message.

I am still getting daily emails telling me that there is a message waiting
my attention, but there isn't. The offending message was deleted and no
longer appears in the Pending moderator requests list.

How do I stop the daily emails.


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