[Mailman-Users] Correcting the URLs in mailman's automated emails

Richard Richard at KarmannGhia.org
Wed Jul 12 12:27:07 EDT 2017

Hello All,

this has been a problem since forever, but for the, oh, 12 to 15 years 
I've been using mailman, heretofore I've had list members who were 
competent enough to tell them, "where you see this system name, replace it 
with this other one and it works fine." Now, that's not the case with a 
new group of list users. (And yes, I've tried in the past to fix this, but 
never found a solution and it wasn't all that vital.)

My scenario is simple enough; the mail server that runs mailman is on an 
internal, private network behind a firewall and has no direct external 
access. Mail gets through via a firewall / gateway machine, and web access 
to the web interface is done via "pipermail" interface through the web 
server. It all works except that the automated emails sent for things like 
bounces, initial welcome, password reminders and things like that ALWAYS 
have the internal system name for the URLs instead of the external one.

I've tried to figure out how to modify the templates to get it to work 
correctly, all to many wasted hours of frustration, and of course I've 
tried to look it up online. I can't find any information about what 
substutitions are available within the various templates, though I found a 
conversation where someone some 12 to 15 years ago said it was on their 
to-do list. I've been tempted to just hard-code, but there are several 
problems with that, such as that there are different list names that have 
to get inserted, or different usernames. And even if I could hard-code the 
system name / domain name part, I'd prefer to have the URL be unique for 
the particular community the list is serving - simply because having to 
explain a different domain name is just more wasted time. Plus, it would 
be easier to remember for people - what's that link for? OH, I remember!

Any help GRATEFULLY appreciated.

FWIW, I'm running mailman- which I think is the 
youngest version available for FC21.


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